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The narcissistic system is not limited to the father or the mother, both can be the narcissist in the family system or just one of the two.

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1. Introduction

1. Preface

Narcissism began to be considered as a pathology of cluster B of personality disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in English by the APA: American Association of Mental Disorders). Psychiatry) relatively recently. Little has been said about matriarchal narcissistic disorder in the world, and there are fewer texts or studies in Spanish than those found in the English language. This makes the NPT or Narcissistic Personality Disorder present in the mother even less known in Spanish-speaking countries.

Therefore, it is possible that in Latin America or in countries where the myth of the holy mother exists, and where the image of the untouchable mother is venerated, the issue of matriarchal narcissism has not been much explored or even rejected and tabooed, and it is also very likely that in these countries the largest number of cases of mothers affected by Narcissistic Personality Disorder can be found without having been discovered or treated for the same reasons.

In Mexican culture, the issue has definitely not been studied and detected in depth, precisely because in countries like Mexico where cultural maxims are rooted such as: "the mother is not touched", "the mother is the mother", " don't mess with my mother or your mother will give you away ”,“ don't mess with the mother ”; any topic related to affecting the perfect image of the mother is taboo. It is in countries like Mexico where the matriarchal figure was enthroned since the beginning of the 20th century. Some authors in Mexico have dealt with the issue of the Mexican matriarch and have deepened about it from an anthropological point of view, which we will address in one of the chapters of this book.

The foregoing could have caused that the TNPM (Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Mother, or Matriarchal) has been confused on many occasions, with simple cases of authoritarian and dominant Mexican mothers, a product of the matriarchal culture of the last century in Mexico. The disorder may have been hidden behind a veil of the strong Mexican mother, who had to take the reins of the family from a completely diminished father. "Much mother to little father." This probable smokescreen due to the possibility of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the mother (in addition to the fact that in the last century in Mexico the subject of narcissism was not known in depth for many reasons), it did not allow family members to consider the possibility that, in some specific cases, there was a pathology in the mother. In the case of the narcissistic patriarchal system in Mexico, this can be confused on a daily basis with national machismo, also deeply rooted in Mexican culture.

If you are reading this book, it is probably because you come from an abusive and complexly toxic family system and you are searching for answers. It is likely that you come from a system where you had a complicated, toxic, abusive mother, but you never really understood what was going on behind that evident violence in the family; lawsuits without a strong cause or motive, internal divisions, the "perfect" family on the one hand, but on the other, a system of abuse within the family.

Perhaps you have never considered that your mother is a victim of a mental illness and now this possibility opens up, so you want to know more about the subject and find out if your mother is toxic, or suffers from a matriarchal Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This book can help you precisely clarify that question.

Many mothers can be complicated, but that doesn't mean they are mentally ill or deranged. It is very important to study each case in depth to really be able to diagnose such a complex problem, which is why it is recommended to go to a specialist in the diseases of cluster B of the DSM-V personality. It is important that if you detect that your mother may have a mental disorder, that you approach a professional for advice regarding your particular case.

I hope that after reading this book, you have been able to clarify many of your doubts and discover if you are the survivor of a pathologically diseased system, or in case you continue within the system of abuse by your mother, I hope this book helps you to get out of it, when finding a lot of up-to-date information in general about the narcissistic disorder, and in particular with respect to the NPD present in the mother.

Because NPT is not curable (although it is treatable), and those who have to go for urgent help are all the people who are around the person who suffers from this cruel and complex disease, it is important that in addition to supporting yourself in readings Like this one, you go to a mental health specialist for advice.

During the last half century, Heinz Kohut and Otto Kernberg, affirmed, although with radically different approaches, that narcissistic personality disorder was treatable with psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Drs Kohut and Kernberg focused on transference-focused therapies, metacognitive therapies, and schematic-centric therapy.

There are many ways to approach the narcissistic family system. In what corresponds to this book, I advise you to approach the narcissistic family system and the TNPM, from an understanding with a loving approach to the possible psychological disorder present in your mother. This approach of understanding and deep love towards mother and family will be able to greatly heal the wounds caused by a poorly understood and very hidden pathology in the narcissistic family systems in the 21st century.

This comprehensive way (body, mind and soul) of approaching the subject of narcissistic pathology in the mother from a loving perspective, may be a more efficient way to help you begin a path of personal healing and liberation from the pathological and toxic system where you probably find yourself. In this book, you will find a lot of information to understand the disease, but also a list of support recommendations to get out of a system of psychological abuse quickly.

It is important that you understand that, if your mother presents the pathology of the narcissistic personality, the mother-child relationship is upset, upset and unbalanced, which can cause serious injuries to your psyche or the psyche of the other members of your family .

From the approach of love towards ourselves, we will also approach the disorder from a completely clinical perspective to understand how it is possible that a mother who should be a source of unconditional love is a source of hate and chaos. Discovering narcissistic pathology in the mother means opening the door to understanding, and understanding is opening the door to personal healing and forgiveness. This openness has to start from a loving and understanding path so that the healing process is really achieved in a comprehensive and effective way. Unlike many books and authors, this book aims to focus on forgiveness, healing, and personal reconciliation from a loving and caring point of view.

If the above is achieved, you can begin to understand yourself, to understand the system, to understand those around you, and to understand the mother who gave us life as an inexhaustible source of love on a spiritual plane from our conception, although in the material-human plane our mother has not been an unconditional source of love. With this, we can heal to grow free of narcissists and free of doubts and guilt engendered by pathology.

Equipped with all of the above, I am sure that there IS a way to healing and personal development, to be better evolved, transcended and healed people.

I wish this book to be that path you are looking for to understand yourself and be a better human being every day for the rest of your life.


"Narcissistic Matriarchy: Your mother is not toxic, she is ill with narcissistic personality disorder" INDEX ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Acknowledgments 11 PREFACE I Preface 12 GENERIC NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER II What is a mental disorder? 17 III What is NPT or Narcissistic Personality Disorder? 22 MOTHER TOXICITY AND THE ABUSE SYSTEM IV Toxic Mother vs Mother with Mental Disorder 30 V How to detect if your family system is a system of abuse and if there is a Hyper-Normalization of abuse? The prelude to detect a narcissistic mother 32 101 FEATURES OF THE NARCISSISTIC DISORDER OF THE MATRIARCHAL PERSONALITY AND ITS FAMILY SYSTEM VI Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder Matriarchal and her family system 38 VII Roles of the Narcissistic Family System 66 THE NARCISSISTIC SUPPLEMENT. WHAT DOES THE DISORDER FEED ON? VIII The narcissistic drug, the supply, and its hangover 91 ROOT CAUSES, ARCHETYPES AND SPECIFIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DISORDER IN THE MOTHER IX The archetype of the devouring mother & “The Mother Complex” 94 X Possible cause-origin of the Archetype of the Matriarch Narcissistic Mexican 99 XI Hermeneutical Postulation of the Disorder Jocasta-Oedipus-Clitenmestra in the matriarchal narcissistic system 105 XII Probable causes of TNPM or Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Mother or Matriarchal 107 THE OBSCURA TRIAD AND FAMILY MAP XIII The Dark Triad of the Narcissistic Mother 111 XIV Diagnostic Map of the Narcissistic Pathological System Matriarchal and gravitational forces in the narcissistic family system 113 AFTERMATH XV Sequelae in family members 115 XVI Does the end of the system die with the mother? 122 PERSONAL HEALING XVII The path to personal healing how to get out of the system? 123 GLOSSARY XVIII Glossary 139 REFERENCES XIX Bibliographic References 142

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