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Toxicology of Personality is a Mexican blog committed to the protection of your personal data, being responsible for its use, management and confidentiality, and in this regard informs you of the following:

For what purposes do we use your personal data?

The personal data that we collect about you is necessary in case you decide to send personal information to make purchases online and deliver your orders, consult information regarding our products, as well as to fulfill obligations derived from the same purchase and sale activities. It should be noted that TOXICOLOGY OF PERSONALITY DOES NOT collect sensitive data for the purchase-sale transaction through the Paypal Mexico service.

Additionally, we use your personal information to market our products and create customer profiles, for the offer of our products. Although these purposes are not necessary to provide you with the products you purchase, they allow us to provide you with a better service and improve their quality. In the event that you do not want your personal data to be processed for these secondary purposes, you can present your request from this moment through the box for sending information that appears on the page:, stating the above. Request the format by email.

The refusal to use your personal data for these secondary purposes will not be a reason for us to deny you the products you wish to purchase through our portal. In the event that you do not express your refusal, it will be understood that you authorize the use of your personal information for said purposes.

What personal data do we use for the above purposes?

In order to sell and send any of our products that you order with us, we require identification data and data  finances to make your purchase.

Likewise, the personal data we use to market our products are the following: Customer identification, financial data to make your purchase.

With whom do we share your personal data?

TOXICOLOGY OF PERSONALITY does not share your personal or financial data used for the purchase of our products unless it is necessary to verify the purchase of the products purchased with us. TOXICOLOGY OF PERSONALITY Bancomer may communicate your personal data in response to the information requirements of the competent authorities to carry out the operations provided for by the Credit Institutions Law and other provisions applicable to Financial Institutions, issued by the regulatory authorities.
In any case, we will communicate this privacy notice to the recipients of your personal data, so that they respect its terms.

How can you exercise your ARCO rights or revoke your consent?
You may access, rectify, cancel or oppose the handling of your personal data, submitting your request in the corresponding format by The procedures and requirements can be consulted on the IFAI website

How can you revoke your consent for the use of your personal data?
You can revoke the consent that, where appropriate, you have given us for the processing of your personal data, submitting your request in the corresponding format and sending it
However, it is important that you take into account that not in all cases we will be able to attend to your request or terminate the use immediately, since it is possible that due to some legal obligation we need to continue processing your personal data. Likewise, you must consider that for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent will imply that we cannot continue to provide the service you requested, or the conclusion of your relationship with us. For more information on the protection of your personal data, you can contact the IFAI page.

Other means to limit the use and disclosure of your personal data:
If you wish to stop receiving advertising or promotions of our banking and financial products and services, you can request your registration in the Public Registry of Users (REUS) to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF); Or, request your registration in the advertising inhibition system by sending your request through the

How do we handle Cookies and/or Web Beacons?
We inform you that TOXICOLOGY OF PERSONALITY may use mechanisms such as Cookies, Web Beacons and other technologies through which data is collected automatically and simultaneously in the products it offers over the Internet, such as the IP address of origin, browser used, operating system, time the page was accessed, making it possible to monitor your behavior as a user of Internet services.

For the above, TOXICOLOGY OF PERSONALITY informs the users of our page that they can disable the use of these mechanisms at any time, in accordance with the instructions that each company that owns the browsers (browser or Internet viewer) has implemented to activate and deactivate the aforementioned Cookies and Web Beacons.

How do we treat the personal data of minors and people with different abilities?
In the event that Bancomer processes Personal Data of minors and people with disabilities, the corresponding legal accreditation is necessary for the purchase of products.

How will we inform you about changes to this privacy notice?
Changes and updates to this privacy notice will be made known to you through our website; If you consider that your right to protection of personal data has been violated by any conduct of our employees or by our actions or responses, you can contact our Personal Data Protection Department, Email:  and without prejudice to your right to go before the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (IFAI). For more information visit

Toxicology of personality, Leon, Guanajuato Mexico 37160

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