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I am a toxicologist of personality student researcher. I am pursuing a double major in Psychology. I am planning to finish my studies in 2023 with a specialization in Clinical Psychology by UNAM. I am a researcher of toxic relationships and toxic family systems, especially those related to antisocial personality disorders and Cluster B of the DSM - 5.

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I am a student of the toxicology of personality. My studies have been related to personality toxicology for many years, specializing in the study of toxic relationships and toxic family systems, especially those related to antisocial personality disorders and Cluster B disorders of the DSM - 5.

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Mauricio Zermeño De los Reyes was born in Mexico. Much of his experience has focused on the Executive Management of international companies and the management of the Commercial Management for multinational companies.

                                  He has a degree in International Business from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, a diploma in Emotional Intelligence from the same institute and is currently pursuing a Master's in Business, and a double major (double postgraduate) in Psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico with a view to having his research taken as doctoral research related to Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Mexican culture. He has written several articles and a book related to narcissistic disorders. He has an extensive career as Commercial Director in transnational public and private companies, in various countries such as the US, England and Mexico. He has held various positions as a government official at the State, Federal, Diplomatic and International levels. 6 years ago, he began to specialize in the study of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), and is currently conducting research on NPD in dysfunctional, family, organizational, and couple systems. He is developing a method in Psychology under the name of Personality Toxicology as a pre-diagnosis tool for narcissistic disorders and toxic personalities.

                                  As a professor for the University of Incarnate Word, he has taught the subjects of: Political Science, Local and State Politics in the US, Public and Private Law, and International Franchises. He currently advises organizations and companies on the issues of leadership in the 21st century, Commercial Management and Creation of New Businesses,


He is a lecturer in Personality Toxicology and is developing a clinical approach method and is a consultant for companies and organizational leadership regarding the same method. He teaches workshops on "Personality Toxicology (Seven Alpha Method)", "Toxic Systems" and "Toxic Leadership".

He currently dedicates himself full time to his family and to promoting business and investment between the US and Mexico as Director of the Business Office and foreign investment attraction for a North American entity. 


Mauricio Zermeño De los Reyes


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